Youth Market PDX builds space for young creators to share and sell their work.

Youth Market PDX includes the permanent shop in Marrow's storefront in St Johns, as well as pop-up markets around Portland, and workshops that help grow youths’ vending and marketing skills.

Youth Market vending is open to creatives aged 10-24 who create goods (such as: original art, prints, photography, cds, mixtapes, zines, handmade books, poems, patches, pins, apparel, jewelry, home goods, etc), or who offer services (such as: tarot and astrological readings, live portraits, live poem-writing, etc)!

We’re also working to create a database of youth creators in Marrow’s community!

The intention is to centralize and connect folks: so that youth can collaborate and seek out other creators, and so that people who are looking to hire/book/commission a creative can prioritize sending their money, resources, and opportunities to talented youth!!!!

We’re looking for fine artists, muralists, apparel designers, jewelry/accessory creators, web designers, graphic designers, illustrators, printers, street artists, woodworkers, metalsmiths, fabricators, cinematographers, photographers, musicians, producers, comedians, performers, directors, writers, zinesters, poets, dancers, and more!

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Our first market was a Night Market in December 2018!
We’re in the process of planning future markets!!

December 2nd Night Market Vendor List:

Miseria, Kotobuki, Prismfyr, Davis Esther Rose, Aj’s Woodturning, Bad Wolf Artisto, Lazytoon, Inkchomp, Quinn The Artist, Leodrune Witchcraft, nonmint, wizardpajamas, Lola Avrea, E.V.E.exe, livedeadbees, Quinn Bicer, dimitri ivanor, Blaine E. Coppini, SwanOfTheNight, Kalena Dowhaniuk, Dodecagon Designs, Chase Milo Reid, Theodore K. Roelofs, Cosmo's Curio, Craft Queers, Agatha (ghastlyrabbit), ASHREIARI, Pink Princess Astro Plant Shop, Shiloh Rayn, Honeycomb Henna Art, Green Witchlin', Poetic Bruj@, TJ Brown, Il Musicista, Kinsey Croghan, Parker Orange, Hobbs Waters, and Little Rock.