Youth Market Youth Creative Database!

Everyone listed on this page is a youth creative (10-24)!

This database has been collected to build a resource for:

  • Youth who are looking to collaborate with other creative young folks!

  • Anyone who is hoping to pay a young person for their time and services!

Be respectful and do not contact youth on this list asking for free labor!

Please also note that as we just started this, we’ll likely have to adjust the format/arrangement of the listings a few times before we figure out what works best! Bear with us! :)

Symbol Key:
* = Youth Market vendor (either at our Pop-Up Markets or the permanent shop at Marrow).
+ = Youth who is heavily involved at Marrow.

Fine Artist | Jewelry/Accessory Creator | Writer | Zinester | Poet
My name is Blaine and I’m a queer creator and animal lover! Hmu for handmade jewelry, zines, comics and other art :) lots of my prices are sliding scale and I LOVE trades and bartering.
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Fine Artist | Graphic Designer | Illustrator
I draw digital and traditional art. I also sculpt, and enjoy painting. I like to hand-paint clothes as well.
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Sophia LD
Fine Artist | Illustrator | Writer | Poet
I'm a creative, and open-minded poc that strives to represent all colors and creeds in my writing and painting. I hope to connect with other like-minded individuals and learn as much as I can from them as well as find work that caters to my artistic strengths. It's my dream to inspire others with my fantasy representation where I could not find it in the media I consumed when I was younger.
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Contact: Instagram or email: or text: (503)914-8277