General Volunteering:

We're seeking self-starters and creative problem-solvers who are able to identify what is actionable and get it done! If this sounds like you, fill out our volunteer survey below and let us know how you'd like to be involved:

If you're not sure yet how you'd be able to contribute - come to one of our monthly volunteer potlucks and chat with us! Or sign up for our volunteer newsletter, which lists all of our smaller, monthly volunteer needs.

Marrow is currently entirely volunteer-run.

Facilitate programming:

Our programming is led by real makers, doers and thinkers from the Portland community. Some individuals are at Marrow on a regular basis, and others have organized a single event or workshop.

We strive to provide teens with opportunities they may not encounter in traditional learning environments - whether this means learning a skill that isn’t offered in school, tackling a heavier subject, taking a more in-depth look at a topic, exploring a non-traditional medium, or approaching a common concept in a non-traditional way.

  • Marrow programming can take many forms: one-off workshops, recurring classes, lectures, or events - whatever best suits what you're facilitating.
  • Programming can cover any topic or medium - as long as teens will be intrigued!
  • You do not need to have teaching experience or to be an “expert” in your field, you do need to be passionate, knowledgable, open to learning, and willing to be transparent about your own gaps and biases. If you need advice, guidance, or a teaching assistant, we are more than willing to help out! Teens are encouraged to lead too!
  • Facilitating programming is currently on a volunteer basis. We can provide a small materials budget if necessary. We strive to keep programming free or low cost sliding scale for participants. Any money raised through programming costs goes toward maintaining our space, and buying supplies for current and future programming.
  • Proposals are selected by the program director (with heavy input from teens) based on our current community's interests and needs.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out at

And if you're feeling ready to submit a proposal, go ahead using the button below! It's all in questionnaire form to make it easy for you (you can also click just check out the questions, without submitting anything!)

Join our Board of Directors:

Our board is a diverse group of individuals that supports our staff, sees that Marrow is effectively following through on our mission, and helps fundraise. We have a mandatory monthly board meeting, and most months we also have optional work periods or social gatherings as well.

We are currently looking for individuals with experience in nonprofit management, business, fundraising, or grant-writing to join our board as directors. We're also always looking for diverse voices that will add a new perspective to our board.

For more information, please email us.

All volunteers who are 18+ and have interaction with youth are subject to a background check. Please know that not all offenses will prohibit you from working with us, but some may.