Our Team:

Daylynn Lambi
Founder & Director

email: daylynn@marrowpdx.org

Daylynn holds a Master of Arts in Community Art Education from the Rhode Island School of Design and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts through Tufts University. They have taught across the country in both traditional and nontraditional environments. Their Master's thesis work explored why traditional schools do not genuinely engage many young people, and identified fundamental qualities of alternative education spaces where young people are invested not only in learning, but in the mutual aid of their communities as well. 

They are passionate about creating non-traditional, interdisciplinary, and inclusive environments that invite young people to question- rather than accept- existing systems. You can read a bit more about Daylynn here: http://www.marrowpdx.org/blog/daylynn


Briauna Taylor
MIND & MOUTH facilitator

she/her, they/them

Briauna, coming from an abusive, religiously oppressive home where her lack of a voice lead to many years of trauma and lack of direction - has devoted her education to psychology and creative expression. She has a long time background in performing arts, spoken word, performance poetry and teaching.

As a young adult, she was a part of a Los Angeles based nonprofit that brought performance and poetry to inner city schools; encouraging artistic expression and literacy to take the place of drugs and gang violence. Briauna was a featured performer and finalist in Youth Speaks HBO series ‘Brave New Voices’  an international youth poetry slam. Her mission is to foster creative expression in young people and give them a voice arming them with tools that will not only make them great humans but allow for a lifetime of emotional authenticity. 

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Board of Directors:

Daylynn Lambi (President)
Kirsten Blair (Secretary)
Martin Njogu (Treasurer)
James Duckworth (Director)
Kate Medred (Director)
Glynis Olson (Director)
Bob Peyton (Director)
Alley Pezanoski-Browne (Director)
Alicia Tate (Director)

Members & Youth Board:

Kayden (Board)
Helen (Board)
Dimitri (Board)
Devin (Shop Manager)
Patrick (Media Manager)