Our Team:

Daylynn Lambi, Founder & Director

they/them, she/her
email: daylynn@marrowpdx.org

Daylynn holds a Master of Arts in Community Art Education from the Rhode Island School of Design and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts through Tufts University. She has taught across the country in both traditional and nontraditional environments. Her Master's thesis work explored why traditional schools do not genuinely engage many young people, and identified fundamental qualities of alternative education spaces where young people are invested not only in learning, but in the mutual aid of their communities as well. She is passionate about creating non-traditional, interdisciplinary and inclusive environments that invite young people to question- rather than accept- existing systems.

Madelyn Howard, Shop Manager


Hi my name is Madelynn, Maddie or Mad works too. I enjoy drawing, math, YouTube, TV, and all that jazz. I'm currently 14 years old and in 8th grade.

Ayita Malila C. Nadir

they/them, ze/zir, per/pers, it/its

Ayita is a 20 year old, adult unschooler who has lived outside the school system their entire life. They are a disabled, chronically ill/chronically awesome cripplepunk, autisticbabe, bi/ace/NB/Queer, Native, passionate Sex/Gender/Orientation educator, Capricorn, hufflepunk, artist/crafter, poet, circus punk/fire spinner, skater (roller and board), tabletop gamer, anarchist and proud intersectional feminist. Their main passion in life is too dismantle harmful and oppressive systems and fight to make the world a safer, softer place for everyone.

photo coming soon!

Ayastigi/Aya Taintor


14, unschooler, Sagittarius, autistic, anxiety disorder/shy AF but friendly as heck, chronically ill/chronically awesome cripplepunk, anarchist. Biracial, european/native, two-spirit/nonbinary, Queer/Pan. Skater of all things wheels, on a roller derby team. Crafter (felting, sewing, whittling, screen printing, ect), baker of sweet GF treats, drum and ukulele player, and tabletop gamer.

Board of Directors:


Kate Stilwell, Equity Consultant


Kate is a social justice educator, Ultimate Frisbee enthusiast, and lover of the outdoors. She has been teaching at Roosevelt for the last three years and began working in partnership with Marrow in late 2015. 


Jenny Caronna, Grants Consultant


Jenny's interests are music, art, dogs, youth empowerment, social justice and community building. Their past projects include being the co-founder and administrative director of Queer Rock Camp SoCal, PTA president, and teaching art to K-8th graders.

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