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We're a safe(r) space.

Marrow is committed to creating an environment that interrupts racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, classism, ableism, adultism, fat phobia and other systems of oppression and marginalization.

We expect those who interact with us in our space to work with us to maintain a culture of consent, actively checking ourselves and being conscious of privilege, so that everyone may feel as safe as possible to exist and express themselves.

Marrow is primarily for folks preteen through 24.

We usually say "teens" because it's easiest, but we aren't interested in age policing - so if you're pre-teen through 24 and feel like Marrow is a good fit for you, you're welcome here! 

Sometimes we have programming that is open to younger folks and/or folks over 24, and those events are marked "all ages" on our calendar.

Folks over 24 are welcome to check out our gallery and shop, but the workshop area is for our young folks and staff/volunteers only (unless there is an all ages event occurring). We ask that parents not "wait" in the gallery during programming - if you want to stay in the neighborhood, we encourage you to check out the local food cart pod, or the library! 

We are a drug/alcohol/smoke-free, scent-free, and nut-free space.

We do not allow the use or consumption of drugs or alcohol (including cigarettes) either indoors or outdoors within 10' of all entrances, the parking lot, and our shared outdoor space (regardless of your age or the legality).

Please do not wear scented products in our space - this includes deodorants, lotions, hair products, perfumes, etc. It is a health concern for members of our community.

There are no nut products or foods allowed within any part of Marrow's space. If you've recently consumed nuts, please wash your hands before or immediately upon entering our space.

We're an open space.

We do not prevent young folks from leaving our space upon their own will. If you're a parent and this is a concern of yours - it must be navigated privately between yourself and your child. Many of our teens are very independent and ride the bus, walk here, or get around on their own. We encourage everyone to stick around, but we don't require anyone to stay in our space - whether we're running drop-in hours, a class, or an event. Fred Meyer, Roosevelt High School, and a great food cart pod are all within two blocks from our building!

Our staff maintain the right to ask anyone to leave.
If you have a concern, let us know!

If someone is making you feel either uncomfortable or unsafe (physically, mentally, emotionally, or otherwise), please tell a staff member immediately. You will not be questioned, and the situation will be handled by staff, without revealing your identity.

If a Marrow community member feels uncomfortable because of another person at Marrow: the individual making folks feel uncomfortable will be taken aside privately by staff, and asked to adjust their behavior. If the situation is not resolved, the individual will be asked to leave, and there will not be further discussion at that time.

If a Marrow community member feels unsafe because of another person at Marrow: the individual making folks feel unsafe will be asked to leave immediately, and there will not be a discussion at that time.

An individual who has been asked to leave may not return to Marrow until the situation has been resolved to the satisfaction of Marrow’s staff and community. To do this, the individual must request to have a private discussion regarding the situation with staff, at another time, arranged via email. There may also need to be a follow-up conversation, after checking in with our community members. If the situation cannot be resolved, the individual may be asked permanently not to return to Marrow.