We have three levels of involvement for young folks interested in participating in programming at Marrow:

à La Carte




Flat fee for a season of programming.

Take on a responsibility at Marrow, get free access to all programming.

  • Teens participating in Marrow programming à la carte simply pay for each workshop, class or event individually.

Great for teens with busy schedules, or who are just looking to try Marrow out.

Prices for programming varies by workshop, depending on material costs and other factors. See our calendar for more information.

  • Students pay a seasonal fee, then may attend as much programming as they'd like during that time without paying the fee for that workshop or event.
  • Students and members get access to personalized mentoring and advising.
  • Students get the option to participate in a weekly class on contemporary culture (with our Members).

Great for teens who plan to be at Marrow regularly.

2017-2018 student enrollment (per season: February-May, June-August, or September-January,) is $75-200 sliding scale.

  • Members apply and interview, then upon acceptance are given free access to all Marrow programming.
  • Students and members get access to personalized mentoring and advising.
  •  Members must participate in a weekly class on contemporary culture .
  • What truly sets members apart is that they are given internship-like roles and responsibilities within Marrow's community. Members have real ownership over our space, and the loudest say when it comes to what Marrow is and how we function.

Great for teens who want more out of their experience at Marrow.

You can read more about membership here.

We require everyone who participates in Marrow programming to register.

Registration just includes some quick questions, for basic and emergency info, as well as to provide funders with information about the community we serve. Beyond anonymous statistics, your responses/name/personal information will never be shared with anyone other than our Program Director. You can register on this page, or by coming in!

If you have any concerns about sharing your information, please let us know! We want to ensure that Marrow is a safe space for EVERYONE and will work with you to get you registered in a way that works for you. Contact our program director Daylynn at or come by during our drop-in hours.