Marrow’s more involved youth (primarily our collective members, but others too!) are able to request a mentor! Mentorship is integral to Marrow’s mission and core values, as we seek to build intergenerational friendships with deep investment in young folks’ growth.

Marrow Mentors:

… see mentorship as a collaborative partnership, where both parties are able to learn from one another. We expect only that the “mentor” recognize that they are coming into the relationship with more to give and nurture.

… are invested in their mentee’s growth within their context at Marrow, as well as their growth as a wholistic, autonomous human.

… are required to commit to a minimum of one year relationship with their mentee (barring any unforeseen circumstances), meeting at least once a month either at Marrow, at a cafe, over video chat, or other appropriate location!

Currently Seeking a Mentor:

Davis they/them
Marrow Collective Graphic Designer

Davis is seeking a mentor in an artistic career, ideally design-related, who potentially has access to graphic design jobs or internships! They’d prefer a femme person, but are okay with anyone who is not a cis man. It’s important to Davis that their mentor be comfortable using their pronouns (they/them)!

From this mentorship they’re hoping to gain: “experience in the field of graphic design, someone to hang out and make art with every once in a while, if they work in a design/artistic place maybe bring me to work sometime so I can see!”


Momo they/them, she/her
Marrow Collective Graphic Designer

Momo is seeking a mentor age 18-35, in the marketing and advertising field, with Photoshop and/or Procreate proficiency, and preferably with art direction experience. They’d prefer a queer PoC, but are okay with anyone who is not a cisgender white male.

From this mentorship they’re hoping to gain: “someone who can review my work and give constructive criticism. Someone who can help me create connections with other designers and freelance projects.”


Saturn they/them
Marrow Collective Live Music Booker/Show Runner

Saturn is seeking a mentor with experience playing music and booking shows, who is preferably familiar with the Portland music scene. It would be nice if they already had connections in the scene like to venues and bands and promoters, but not a must! Saturn is looking for someone who is queer (preferably trans/enby), who understands why safer spaces shows are important, and understands social justice. They’re aiming to create a music community where everyone feels safe and welcome here at marrow, so it would be cool if their mentor was someone who was also passionate about that goal.

From this mentorship they’re hoping to gain: “more stable footing in the music scene, like getting to know more bands, and feeling less stressed about booking shows because it feels like a lot of pressure sometimes but i just need someone to guide me and tell me i can do it!”


Hailey she/her
Marrow Collective Garden Manager

Hailey is seeking a mentor with experience working on a garden/farm or who went to school to study the sciences behind working with plants and caring for them. She’d like this person to have the ability & vision to collaborate with her in transforming the space we have into one that is growing life! It would be great if they had access to a community of growers, but it’s not a must. It would be excellent if they had/could find access to organic matter that we need like compost soil. OR what would be quite beneficial is a way of transporting these resources. She can find most of what we need around the city, but doesn’t have any way of transporting it to the space as her main mode of transportation is the bus! It would be awesome if they were a part of the queer community, but not a must. Their ideals/values must align with organic farming techniques and she’d prefer if they valued permaculture principles! They must be anticapitalist.

From this mentorship she’s hoping to gain: “a friend & a teacher with whom i can share passions with & go to when i’m unsure about something or need extra support. i don’t want them to be doing a lot of work, but to be teaching me how i can do the work best. i want us to form a symbiotic relationship by supporting each other.

I am practically just starting in this passion which means there’s so much still for me to learn! I dream of dedicating my life to growing plants & food & community and i’m always looking for more to do, but i am just one person! i forget that i can’t do it all myself no matter how much i try. i’d also like to note that i’m doing an internship this summer for a garden/school program called MADroots that takes up about ~20 hrs of my week & i have to babysit my little cousin a lot, so my schedule is compact. i’m super excited to meet anyone who is open & passionate to this opportunity of making our garden space thrive!”

How it works: we’ll pass your application on to the youth! If they’re interested in getting to know you, they’ll be in touch for an informal meeting at Marrow! If y’all decide you’re a good fit, we’ll have you both sign an agreement re: expectations for mentorship! Mentors are also required to undergo a background check!