Marrow's members are our most involved young folks. They work hard to shape Marrow, their community, and their own lives - creating the world they want to see.

Members receive tailored advising and mentoring, and get free access to all Marrow programming. In exchange, each member takes on a work-study or internship style responsibility at Marrow. We weight the contributions and opinions of our members as though they were staff (and you'll find them on our team page).

You can compare the benefits of membership vs our other levels of involvement on our registration page

Applications for Membership will reopen in 2018!

How you become a Member:

Prospective Members go through an application and interview process - used to identify your commitment to Marrow, and your willingness to contribute and grow alongside us. After the interview, our director meets with existing members, who fill out an anonymous survey about how well you might fit in with us right now. The surveys are used to weight the director's final decision regarding acceptance. If you're not accepted, we may recommend things to focus on, or ways to become further involved in Marrow before applying again in the future. We encourage anyone who isn't accepted to be a member to enroll through our normal enrollment process, if you haven't already!

What our Members look like:

Marrow Members are driven. They may not have their sights set on a specific endpoint, but they're ready to dive in and explore.

Membership is a significant commitment to Marrow and our community. Members may be enrolled in high school, but are so passionate that they need another vessel for their energy, or are conversely so uninspired by school that they need something more tailored and tangible to light their fire. Members may also be home schoolers, unschoolers, drop-outs, or recent graduates!

Prospective Members are expected to have an investment in Marrow - have you come to classes or workshops? Organized an event? Volunteered? Have you contributed work to a Marrow exhibition or publication? - If you've just found out about us, in what ways do you plan to make an effort to become an integral part of Marrow's community?


Marrow's members have the largest say in who we are and what we do. We expect them to have ownership over Marrow as an organization, and this requires investment in the way we run and operate. The work they contribute is why they are given free access to our programming.

Once Members have spent some time with us, they're given work-study style roles, which may if they choose grow into tailored internship positions with more responsibility. All positions are overseen by staff, and don't require experience - just interest and enthusiasm! The idea is to train our members with real world experience, so they can go out and pursue jobs in these areas, should they choose.


If you're interested in taking on a similar role but none of these positions meet your interests or goals, or if you have something else in mind, let's chat! We can build a position for you.