Marrow's youth collective is a small group of our most involved youth. They work hard to shape Marrow, their community, and their own lives - building the world they want to see. They are Marrow's primary leadership, both internally and externally.

To learn more about what being a collective member entails, and how to apply, check out this page:

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(If there is an interest or a need, any position may be shared by multiple youth, or broken into separate, more specific positions!)

  • Programming Assistant: help determine what goes on our calendar, seek out facilitators, brainstorm new programming that fits Marrow's mission and our community's interests.

  • Gallery Curator: propose art shows for our gallery space, assemble calls for artists, curate, advertise, and hang exhibitions.

  • Events Coordinator: help organize events such as open mics and all ages shows - everything from conception, seeking out performers, and advertising, to making sure the event itself runs smoothly!

  • Blogger: we want to activate our blog space, determine what kind of content should be there, generate content, and find others to generate content.

  • Documenter: document Marrow events (photography and/or video), create visual storytelling content for Marrow’s website and social media.

  • Teaching Assistant: act as an extra hand to whoever is facilitating programming - which may range from helping with set-up, to assisting participants during programming.

  • Graphic Designer: design outreach materials and flyers for programming, provide input on Marrow's visual branding (such as logos, etc).

  • Outreach Coordinator: act as an ambassador for Marrow, helping us identify and contact communities of young folks within Portland who might be interested in getting involved at Marrow.

  • Marrow Truck Lead: we have a 1960’s mail truck - turned ice cream truck that our youth community has wanted to turn into a snack and art truck, we need someone to lead the efforts to make this happen.

  • Building Manager: help keep things running smoothly in the space, keep up with maintenance, and propose updates or changes to our layout and design.

  • Lead Gardener: help create designs to build accessible garden beds in our exterior space, see to it that all the plants are being cared for, and help determine what is done with what we grow.

  • Or, we'll design something! These are just some ideas and needs we’ve identified - think about your skills, or what you'd like to become stronger at, and how they could be relevant to Marrow’s community - and we'll tailor a position that meets your goals!


You can find information about our current members and their positions on our team page.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at