Lead, Facilitate, or Organize Programming!

Facilitating programming is open to anyone, of any age! Youth and adults are both encouraged to submit programming proposals!

Marrow programming can be:

  • one-time workshops

  • recurring classes

  • community projects

  • events (live music, cause-related events, lectures, etc)

  • gatherings (recurring or one-off; clubs, game nights, etc)

  • something completely different that we haven’t thought of yet!

You can see a list of some of our past programming here!

Programming can be youth-specific (10-24), or open to all ages.

If you have questions beforehand, feel free to reach out via email at info@marrowpdx.org

*The proposal form is in questionnaire format to make it easy for you (feel free to click the submission button just check out the questions, before submitting anything).

If you don’t want to lead or organize programming but would like to request something, feel free to drop by the space and chat with anyone on our team, or send us an email!