Marrow's primary need is funding for our operational costs (rent, utilities, insurance) - but if have access to any of these things, or would like to contribute specific items, here are some things we could really use, but don’t have a budget for!

We also have an Amazon Wish List with more specific items!
(Bonus points if you shop through Amazon Smile with Marrow as your selected Charity!)

Or select things from below, and snag them while you’re out and about!

Italicized = higher or more frequent need

Gift Cards:

  • Fred Meyer, New Seasons, Whole Foods (to keep snacks stocked for the kids)

  • Ace Hardware, Home Depot, Target (for when we have repairs, and basic needs like light bulbs)

  • Artist and Craftsman Supply, Dick Blick (for specific project requests and workshop supplies)

  • Local restaurants, shops, services (as incentives for youth)


  • unscented hand soap

  • toilet paper

  • tampons, pads, panty liners


  • condoms (both latex and latex-free, both penis and vaginal condoms)

  • dental dams

  • individual use packets of lube

  • pepper spray (to give out to youth who feel unsafe getting here/around)

  • TriMet bus passes

Kitchen area:

  • unscented dish soap

  • natural, unscented cleaning supplies

  • new sponges

  • paper towel rolls

  • kitchen-sized garbage bags

  • non-perishable snacks (no prep, or can be prepped with a microwave or hot plate) *no nuts

  • gluten free and dairy free snacks *no nuts

  • tea bags

  • bottled water (individual or 2.5 gallon with spout)

  • individual drinks like Capri Sun, soda cans, juice boxes


  • teen-focused, multi player games for Gamecube, Wii, PS3, XBox360

  • controllers for above systems

  • zines for our zine library

Art and Office Supplies:

  • art supplies (we have limited space and needs change and vary, inquire for specifics)

  • point and shoot digital cameras

  • plain computer paper

  • colored paper, fancy paper, etc

  • spiral notebooks, journals, composition notebooks

  • pens and pencils

  • sharpies

  • new/in good condition paint brushes

  • acrylic, watercolor, and gouache paint

  • paint pens

  • shrinky-dink paper

  • masking tape, clear scotch tape, painter’s tape, and duct tape

  • ink for canon pixma mp970, ink for Epson WF-3540

  • sketch books

  • new, blank t-shirts (size s-2xl), blank tote bags

  • any high end art supplies (paints, brushes, copic markers, etc)

Things we don't need, and can't currently accept:

  • books (unless they specifically address the interests of our community, or are by local writers)

  • large quantities of used art supplies (inquire for specific needs - we just have a LOT and minimal storage!)