Hailey: Garden Manager

Hailey can be found where the plants are, with dirty feet & hands, climbing/hugging a tree somewhere, or soaking up the sun in a river. When she isn’t doing these things, she’s taking notes, making playlists, plotting her next adventure, and figuring out ways that she can make the community thrive, as well as herself.

Hailey is a (soon-to-be) Madison High School alumni with big dreams of cultivating a sustainable farm and sanctuary. Until then, she grows plants wherever possible, takes care of animals, cooks for her friends & family, volunteers, and falls in love with the world over again. Hailey loves the concept of intertwining community building with nature and would like to do so as much as she can.

Hailey sees within Marrow a strong community that values & builds up in youth a power that is often underrepresented in this society. In turn, this builds strength & confidence in youth while allowing them to be whoever they must be and holding this space where all youth are welcome along with all that they are. This is the future.

Portfolio Coming Soon!