Finn: Blog Writer & Editor

Finnegan Budd is a Black, anxiety-ridden, androgyne living in Portland, attending their final years of university at Portland State while working as a Library Assistant. Finn is an old soul, just having turned 21, they enjoy a nice cup of tea along with a good book. You may also see Finn belting show tunes, fanning out over k-pop groups, watching anime, and holding space for tough conversations about race and the intersectionality of gender along with other political topics. Finn spends much of their time at work crafting spaces for queer teens of color, and outside of work, they strive to advocate for those same youth to be involved and empowerment in spaces that are traditionally white.

Finn loves the idea and mission behind Marrow’s founding and hopes to make it into an inclusive space where IBPOC (Indigenous Black People of Color) and QTPOC (Queer Trans People of Color) can find a voice and safe space to just be.

Finn has written for the Odyssey newspaper, did journalism during high school, and currently is writing a horror novel in prose based on how they struggled with anxiety as a young person.

If you’re interested in writing, copy editing, or equity & inclusion work, Finn’s your person!

Portfolio Coming Soon!