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Trans Voices Fringe Fest (all ages)

Trans Voices Fringe Fest

  • Saturday, September 28th 3-11:30pm

  • Sliding scaled donation based entry*

  • All ages

This showcase features independent trans and genderqueer artists exhibiting nontraditional and unconventional vocal expressions. Organized by A Stick And A Stone!

Cohabitation of Breaths - Abigail J Hansel of Yolk Sauna & June T Sanders (trans femme audio-visual ambient noise duo from "Idaho")
Porch Cat (grunge-y pop punk / riot grrrl from "Bellingham")
Sibila (industrial dancey synthy noise en español from "Olympia")
DJ Vu (improv / experimental / noise from "Olympia")
ChrisTiana Obeysummer (spoken word from "Seattle")
Mx. Valentino (jazz-folk-punk)
Robert Torres (poetry / spoken word)
Sefer Raziel (glitch / noise / performance art)
Myllo Mae (performance art)
Dreams (synthy gay electronic beat rock)
A Stick And A Stone (haunting choral experimentations)
& More TBA

*Supports local and traveling artists, as well as Marrow!

Enrollment and sign-in are not required for this event.
Enrollment (open only to folks 10-24) is required for the majority of our programming. If you're a young person and plan to come back, you should enroll! For more details check out our enrollment page!

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