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What Are The Comfort Words? A Community Care Workshop

What Are The Comfort Words? A Community Care Workshop 

  • Free, youth 10-24 only*

  • Friday, July 12th, 4-5pm

An introductory workshop which seeks to disrupt the common narrative that individuals should always simply “know what to do” or how to help someone. This workshop will be a facilitated but otherwise open conversation, so we as a community can share or discover resources so we can become better equipped to help one another. Society does not adequately teach emotional intelligence or the skills of nurturing, but through dialogue with each other we can learn to rely on community. Finally, this workshop seeks to divide the emotional labor historically expected of women in a more equitable way by building nurturing skills.

Facilitated by our rad intern and youth community member, Junix!

*Enrollment and sign in are required for this event.

Enrollment (open only to folks 24 and under) is required for the majority of our programming. If you're a young person and plan to come back, you should enroll! For more details check out our enrollment page!

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