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Intentional Stretching time with The Eggboy!

Intentional Stretching time with The Eggboy! 

  • Free, youth 10-24 only*

  • Every Monday from from 3:30-5p

Chase will go through a series of adaptable  breathing and stretching routines. Ey will give time for everyone to check in with their bodies before and after as a way to be intentional with our movement and honoring our individual capacities that day.

Each Monday will be slightly different as Chase is training in contortion, and is learning new ways to stretch and strengthen his body. Chase will not be teaching contortion just yet, but he will show the steps he’s learned to get to his bendiest, and there will be time to freestyle.

Chase extends this time to all youth bodies that want to put aside some time to move, stretch, and breath in a safer space led by a disabled trans youth!

*Enrollment and sign in are required for this event.

Enrollment (open only to folks 24 and under) is required for the majority of our programming. If you're a young person and plan to come back, you should enroll! For more details check out our enrollment page!