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DIY Healing with Tarot

DIY Healing with Tarot

  • Free, youth 10-24 only*

  • Saturdays in May, 1-3pm workshops, 3-4pm open tarot practice

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THIS WEEK: The Fool’s Journey -- The Major Arcana archetypes

Get to know the cosmic archetypes of the Major Arcana and how they can help uplift your sense of self and purpose, and act as guides through your life’s journey. This week will include lecture, discussion, and a tarot self portrait art activity.


DIY Healing with Tarot is a 4 week workshop series for people under 24 years old that explores the tarot as a tool for self healing and empowerment. Come learn about how the tarot's archetypes support human development, self actualization, and promote self-love and self-worth. Explore your purpose and potential in this four week journey lovingly led by Erin Aquarian Tarot and Isabella Artemesia!

Participants are encouraged, but not required to attend the entire series! Classes are free to attend, and tarot decks/handouts will be provided. Donations from parents/community will be accepted to pay facilitators and to support Marrow as a community space. Please visit our GoFundMe page if you would like to support Marrow, Isabella and Erin!


Erin Aquarian (she/her) is a college dropout/waitress turned tarot reader and intuitive healer. In 2008, a tarot reading changed Erin's life in when it became a catalyst for her healing and empowerment. The tarot helped Erin work through patterns stemming from trauma and find a sense of self and purpose. Erin teaches the tarot as an accessible, affordable tool for self-counsel. Her approach is trauma informed, anti-oppression and pro-liberation. She is especially passionate about making healing / guidance services inclusive to low/no income people, which is why she teaches tarot as a DIY modality people can learn to use to help themselves through challenging situations.

Isabella Artemesia (he/him) is an 18 year old four time consecutive high school drop out now trying to get his GED. With 3 years of tarot and witchcraft experience, his main goal is to explain common magic and intention concepts in an accessible, non-authoritarian and anti-capitalist way to fellow fellow youth. Inspired by 80’s punk noise band CRASS who upheld a structure of info-sharing, community service, and education, he aims to inspire other co-operative efforts.

*Enrollment and sign in are required for this event.

Enrollment (open only to folks 24 and under) is required for the majority of our programming. If you're a young person and plan to come back, you should enroll! For more details check out our enrollment page!