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Involvement Info Session (all ages)

Marrow Involvement Info Session!

  • All ages, free*

  • Sunday, April 7th, 11am-1pm

(Facebook event page)

This info session will be broken down into two parts:

Youth Involvement, 11am-12pm
(ways young folks 10-24 can become involved in Marrow's community, with emphasis on the youth collective and the application process for that!)
Adult Involvement, 12pm-1pm
(ways adults 24+ can become involved in Marrow's community, including mentorship, board membership, facilitating programming, and general advocacy and support!)

Youth and adults are welcome to be present for both sessions, if you just want to hear the info! Attendance is not a commitment - there's no pressure!!! Just come learn what our community is all about!! The sessions will be co-led by our directors, Chase and Daylynn.

*Sign-in will be required.
Youth (10-24) who regularly participate at Marrow are encouraged to enroll.
For more details check out our
enrollment page!