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BIRDS ! A Marrow Adventure

BIRDS ! A Marrow Adventure

  • Free*

  • Mon, April 22nd, 10am-12pm

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We're closing up shop for Earth Day and heading to the Portland Audubon Society!

There we'll get a down and dirty intro to birding, from Griffin Richards (our director Daylynn's brother, he's visiting from the east coast)! Learn some basics about finding birds, including useful apps for identifying and even using bird calls! Griffin has degrees in computer and environmental sciences, and has been birding since he was 18 (he is now 24), and has seen 625 different bird species in that time!

You can see some of his incredible photos here:

We'll be at the Audubon Society for approximately two hours, with the first portion being at the main building (talking about birds and birding, and checking out the incredible education birds), and the second half (totally optional - just for anyone who's feeling up to it!) will be a nature walk through some of the Audubon trails, to see what we see. This will be a slow and laid back walk (not a strenuous hike), to be as accessible as possible!

If you have binoculars or a camera feel free to bring them!

If y'all want to coordinate rides on the Facebook event page please do! Just make sure you know who you're accepting a ride from, and feel free to check in with us if you want a hand!
The Audubon Society is up in Forest Park, at 5151 NW Cornell Road, and is unfortunately not easily accessible via public transportation (unless you're down for a bit of a hike in and out).

*Enrollment and sign in are not required for this event.

Enrollment (open only to folks 10-24) is required for the majority of our programming. If you're a young person and plan to come back, you should enroll! For more details check out our enrollment page!

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