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Workshop: Mind & Mouth

Mind & Mouth Writing Workshop

  • Free

  • Monday, February 11th 4-6pm*

MIND & MOUTH is back!!!

M&M’s fearless leader Briauna has been hard at work in the IPRC Certificate Program (and also teaching workshops there!) so we’re stoked to have her back and to see what new work and ideas she has to bring to Marrow from those experiences!

This workshop is open to any writer age 10-24 - of any genre, style, or experience level. It will be a generative workshop, with low-pressure, facilitated writing prompts to help you put together some of the disconnected ideas that have been bouncing around in your head!

There will also be opportunities to share anything that you may have been working on, or any other writers’ work that has especially inspired you recently; as well as prompts and readings to take home with you if you’re interested!

*During this time our main space is open to folks 10-24 only.
Our gallery and shop remain open to all ages any time we are open.

Enrollment and sign-in are required! You can enroll in-person at Marrow, or online.
For more details check out our
enrollment page!