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Volunteer Day (all ages)

Volunteer Day

  • Free entry, all ages*

  • Sun, February 10th, 11am-7pm
    <<Postponed due to snow>>
    to February 17th, 11am-5pm

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We had a little year-end/year-start break from our monthly volunteer days, but we’re back at it!!

Assuming it isn’t pouring and/or freezing (we have a pop-up tent for cover!) we’ll be getting to work on building a garden bed or two for our garden area! The idea is to have varying beds of different sizes/heights, for different plants, as well as for gardening accessibility for a variety of different folks. We want to get the beds all set up, so that when the spring weather hits, we can immediately begin planting! Come with materials (scrap wood! screws!), tools (saws! drills!) ideas, or plans!!

If the weather is against us, or if we get a ton of folks willing to lend a hand; we’ll also be doing the usual deep clean of the space, and making a plan (and maybe starting!) to lay some flooring in part of our space!

Our volunteer days are open to all ages, but we especially encourage adults in our community to show up for our youth, who typically pull a lot of the weight around here! Bring a friend or two!!! It’s always a good time, and you may even make some new friends!


*Enrollment and sign in are not required for this event.

Enrollment (open only to folks 10-24) is required for the majority of our programming. If you're a young person and plan to come back, you should enroll! For more details check out our enrollment page!