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  • Free

  • Youth 10-24*

  • Work periods: Thursdays in October, 4-6pm
    (#inktober challenge is ongoing all month though!)

One of our rad youth collective graphic designers, Momo, created a set of #Inktober prompts!

If you want to participate and would like some set time to work on the prompts, this is it! Thursdays all month, 4-6pm!


For folks who don’t know: #inktober is a (traditionally visual arts) challenge where there’s a October themed prompt each day, and folks create artwork all month! To be more inclusive of other creative mediums, Momo is encouraging not only all visual mediums (drawing, digital art, photography, 3d, etc!), but also writing, movement arts, music - whatever your creative medium is!

Follow the hashtag #MarrowInktober19 on instagram to see what everyone in our community is creating, and be sure to share your own!!! (And don’t feel pressured to create every day, or on time!!)

Even though these work periods are for our youth community only, this challenge is open to our community of all ages!!! Participate and share!

Here are the prompts! (See below for a non-image version of the list! The numbers correspond to the day of the month!)

  1. Glance

  2. Rain

  3. Sweater

  4. Crawl

  5. Bones

  6. Soft

  7. Moth

  8. Smoke

  9. Crooked

  10. Corvid

  11. Ash

  12. Hold

  13. Sink

  14. Pumpkin

  15. Potion

  16. Hands

  17. Eyes

  18. Decay

  19. Clutch

  20. Lick

  21. Drip

  22. Leaves

  23. Molt

  24. Bend

  25. Cat

  26. Fire

  27. Afloat

  28. Haunt

  29. Cauldron

  30. Mug

  31. Stars

*Sign-in and enrollment are required.

Enrollment (open only to folks 10-24) is required for the majority of our programming. If you're a young person, you should enroll! It’s free! For more details check out our enrollment page!

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