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Community Volunteer Day! (all ages)

Community Volunteer Day! 

  • All ages, free*

  • Day and time rotate each month - check our calendar!

Once a month we invite any interested folks (youth and especially adult allies!) to come lend a hand around Marrow's space!

There's always a big white board posted with a list of tasks ranging from cleaning up and organizing the space to project-specific things we need to tackle that specific month.

In addition to taking care of tasks around the physical space, feel free to come by if you'd like to discuss leading programming, or volunteering in other ways!

It's also just a fun opportunity to be social and meet other folks who love Marrow! Come by for the full time or just drop in and out! We encourage both new and seasoned volunteers to stop by!

*Enrollment is not required for this event, there will be a mandatory sign-in.

Enrollment is required for the majority of Marrow programming. For more details check out our enrollment page!