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Songwriting, Guitar, and Looping Workshop

Songwriting, Guitar, and Looping Workshop

  • Free*

  • Friday July 27th, 7-8pm

Gentle Return is playing at Marrow, and before the show Devin will be offering an open-ended guitar, songwriting, and looping workshop! 

The workshop is FREE and open to anyone 10-24!

(Several of our youth have asked about looping - which is where you live-record yourself/instruments/etc and layer them so you can be doing multiple things at once - so now's your chance to learn about it!)


Devin Lane is a musician from San Francisco, California. He has toured the US extensively and has also played in Canada, Mexico, Colombia, and Peru. He performs as Gentle Return and self-produced and released his debut album "South" in 2017. He is currently on a full North American tour. 

Devin also teaches music with Blue Bear School of Music, Vibo music, and in private practice in San Francisco.

You can check out Gentle Return here:


Be sure to check out the show afterwards, too!
Gentle Return will be joined by some cool local acts!
8:30p, $5 - but you're def in free if you come to the workshop!

*Enrollment and sign-in are required for this event.

Enrollment is required for the majority of Marrow programming. For more details check out our enrollment page!