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Collage and Found Poetry

Collage and Found Poetry Workshop

  • $0-5 materials fee*

  • Tuesday, May 29th, 4-6pm

Using various different mediums (books, magazines, postcards, photographs, and other paper sources) we will explore different ways to make art, zines, writing, etc. from found sources.

We will provide materials, and our facilitator Scout will share techniques that they've found to be helpful - but this will ultimately be a workshop directed by the interest of the participants, working independently or together, sharing the methods and art we've produced with each other.

Found poetry and collage can also be an outlet to transform materials we have intense emotional connections with, negative or positive - so please feel free to bring in your own photographs, letters, or other paper items to deconstruct or honor in your piece(s).

*This is open to folks preteen through 24 only.
No one turned away for lack of funds.
Enrollment and sign-in are required!
You can enroll at Marrow or online. 
For more details check out our enrollment page!