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Quilla, sunbaby, Indira Valey (all ages)

Quilla, sunbaby, Indira Valey

  • $5-10 suggested donation, all ages*

  • Monday, March 5th, 8-11pm

"We're excited to share an evening of powerful voices and unique, spectacular instrumentation. There will be expressive poetry, improvisational music, and songs in English, Spanish, and Quechua language. We will be starting music promptly at 8 in order to be done on time, so come early!

Quilla is a Peruvian-American folk musician. Pulling from her roots, she blends a variety of cultural music styles and three different languages into a medley of songs that will pluck your heartstrings. Hear some of her music at

sunbaby aka david squirrely is a poet and musician experimenting with improvisational looping and field recording. Their work is concerned with vulnerability, healing, and exploring where dreams and creativity come from. Connect with them on Instagram and see improvised live performances @s.u.n.b.a.b.y

Indira Valey is an avant garde multi-instrumentalist and performance artist who channels powerful songs that reverberate with the voices of her ancestors and speak directly to modern audiences. Her ancient-sounding, resonant voice is a force of nature, and she utilizes looping technology, effects pedals, and a unique palette of instruments (including flugelhorn, timpani, kalimba, electric guitar) to create mesmerizing and memorable live performances that are ever-changing due to her spontaneous improvisational magic."

*Enrollment and sign-in are not required for this event.
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