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Community Potluck: "No Thanks"giving (all ages)

"No Thanks"giving Potluck

  • All ages, free*

  • Thursday, Nov 22nd, 5-9pm

Last year we started a Marrow tradition of coming together on Thanksgiving to build community for anyone who may be alone or detached from this "holiday", and to celebrate and stand in solidarity with colonized peoples.

We invite all folks of all backgrounds to come join us at Marrow for a night of eating, conversing, storytelling, board games, art-making, and honoring the stolen land we live on and the Indigenous Peoples it was taken from.

If you have requests for activities or would like to facilitate something, please reach out and let us know! Comment or email

If you can, please bring a dish that's meaningful to you or that you enjoy! No pressure if you're not able though - all are welcome to come and eat. We do ask if you bring food that it be nut free and that you save and/or write down any ingredient info, so that folks with food sensitivities, restrictions, or allergies can make informed decisions about what to eat.

Feel free to drop by, no one is expected to stay for the full 4 hours! Last time some folks stayed late to keep playing games, too!



We wanted to have an art exhibition opening at this event, centering Indigenous artists and the fact that we are on stolen land - but as we're currently without a dedicated gallery curator, and with other staff having too many issues to juggle with our building and funding right now - we didn't have the capacity to execute it with the respect that the artists deserve, so we're going to reschedule the exhibition it for spring.

**That said, one of the most impactful parts of last year's potluck was having Diné artist Christopher Francisco's Standing Rock photos on display. So if you are an Indigenous artist and would like your visual art or writing to hang in our gallery for this event (and/or through mid-December) please bring it by Tues, Wed, or Thurs! You can reach out for more info at



Since 1970 the fourth Thursday of November (Thanksgiving) has been recognized as the National Day of Mourning by indigenous peoples in MA, and as Unthanksgiving Day by indigenous peoples in CA since 1975. Others refer to it as "Thankskilling" or "Thankstaking".

The continuation of our nationally taught narrative (you know the one, with "pilgrims" and "Indians" putting aside their "differences" to share a "joyous" meal) - is cruel to the Indigenous population of our country - who continue to be oppressed and silenced. To learn more about the history of Thanksgiving and its colonialist roots, check out this link.

On top of its problematic and harmful roots, Thanksgiving can be a tough holiday for folks who find themselves away from friends and family. Come share space and be a part of Marrow's family.

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