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Workshop: Business Money Basics

Business Money Basics

  • Free*

  • Saturday, November 10th, 11am-1pm

About the workshop:

MORE DETAILS TBA! How do you manage money?! How do in-person sales work, particularly in an arts market vending environment? How much change should you bring? Should you take credit cards? We’ll cover these topics and more!

This workshop is for any youth who is thinking about selling things - but is especially aimed at youth who will be participating in our Youth Market!

About the workshop facilitator:

Kirsten Blair is an executive director at Instrument, and serves on Marrow’s board of directors. She is a visual artist and been a vendor at various arts markets in Portland!

*This is open to folks 10 - 24 only.

General Marrow enrollment and sign-in is required! You can enroll online or at Marrow when you arrive. For more details check out our enrollment page!