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Orientation to Lead Programming (all ages)

Orientation to Lead Programming

  • Free, all ages*

  • Saturday January 6th and Saturday January 13th, 3-5pm

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Want to lead programming at Marrow in 2018?!


  • The 1st session (January 6th) will be for general overview about Marrow programming - what types of events and workshops our youth are interested in, and what our overarching programming mission is for 2018. It will be discussion-based, so this is your opportunity to come with a loose ideas, specific ideas, questions, or just general interest in putting something together!
  • The 2nd session (January 13th) will be spent finalizing programming proposals, and hammering out the specifics of your idea - as well as scheduling any approved programming into our official calendar.
  • Both sessions are intended to be actionable, and move you toward leading something at Marrow! If you can't be at both that's fine, just please check-in here or via email.


  • Marrow programming is selected by our program director, through an online application. You can complete this process on your own in between sessions, or at the 2nd session (or anytime afterwards!)
  • We're looking not only for workshop proposals, but also events (one off or recurring), lectures, exhibitions - anything that happens at Marrow!
  • We welcome facilitators of any age - we only ask that you have the appropriate level of knowledge and/or experience for what you'd like to lead. We can provide teaching assistants and other help where needed!


(To help boost the likelihood that your proposal is a good fit for Marrow - and therefor approved!)

  • One of our big themes for 2018 is "narrative". Who controls personal narrative? Cultural narrative? Collective narrative? How? To what end? Is there a single "narrative"? How can we regain control of our own narratives? What are storytelling methods and tools?
  • We are not currently seeking craft-based programming, unless it has larger cultural contexts.
  • Marrow does not currently have a significant budget for programming (all our money goes toward our rent), so programming is led on a volunteer basis, and we strive to keep any materials fees low, so our programming is accessible to all youth.
  • We love programming that can grow, or be connected to other programming! We love ideas that cross barriers or can't be defined by a single category!
  • Events and one-off workshops have typically been more successful (in regards to attendance) than recurring classes.
  • We're (very intentionally) not a school, so there's no need to be traditional in your ideas or approach.
  • If what you're offering is something that's already accessible elsewhere (ie: in school, or other community programs) we don't want to duplicate that. We love partnerships and collaborations though!
  • We seek to reflect our youth community with our adult community. If you're an adult planning programming, please give some thought to whether you're the *right* person to be occupying space at Marrow (if you are, RAD!). If not, is there a younger person you could bring in to help lead? Are you amplifying marginalized voices? Could you take a step back and reach out to someone in another community, and support them in leading a similar event or workshop?
  • Think outside the box! We're not just looking for workshops (though we definitely need workshops); maybe you want to organize a mini maker fair, or a monthly youth-produced music event, start up a local teen run newspaper, or something we can't even imagine without you!

Please note that attending this orientation in no way guarantees that your proposal will be approved! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Daylynn at

*Enrollment is not required for this event. There will be a required sign-in.

Enrollment (open only to folks 24 and under) is required for the majority of our programming. If you're a young person and plan to come back, you should enroll! For more details check out our enrollment page!

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