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PDXcrybabies Meet-Up (all ages)

PDXcrybabies Meet-Up

May 7th, 2-5pm
All ages

The PDXcrybabies are a mental health support group run by peer support allies. Their meetups are a low-key, pressure-free time for any mental health warriors to come hang out and talk about your experiences (or just listen!), in a supportive, non-judgemental environment. These meetups are for all ages, and totally teen or adult friendly.

From the Crybabies:

It's time for another meet-up! This is our fifth big one (we have had a few little pop up coffee shop ones that are smaller and more laid back). We (Jordan and Paige) are mental health peer support Allies who are here to offer a place to come hang out and meet others who struggle with their mental health. We believe that talking about mental health is extremely important!

We also have some merch for sale, and we make everything ourselves (art by Chloe Peterson, @helsab0t) and all profits go towards supplies for merch/meet-ups! We now accept cards as well as cash, and we also have an online store at if you'd like to check out what we have!

Anyone who attends the meet-ups also receives a special gift from us, our way of saying thank you for stepping out of your comfort zone to come hang out with us! 

Our meet-ups will always be all ages, but we DO have a code of conduct and we would appreciate it if you looked over it before/while attending. We kindly ask for respect, and also ask that you respect Marrow's space and their guidelines as well. Let's keep safe spaces safe!

1. Do not talk over others. Wait your turn to speak. Be respectful! It's difficult for some people to speak up, so please be patient so that everyone has a chance to talk.
2. Keep negativity to yourself. Let’s keep this positive. We may talk about negative things, but we also encourage positive ways to handle them.
3. Do not laugh, or tease. We are here to support, not judge.
4. Keep things confidential and respect the privacy of others. What happens here stays here.
5. You are not obligated to participate if you do not feel comfortable sharing.
6. Think of this like a library or a theatre. Keep phone use at a minimum, and keep them silent. If you need to use your phone, please step away from the group for a moment.
7. Alcohol and drugs are NOT permitted, and please do not appear to be under the influence.
8. Be mindful of language usage. Occasional swearing is okay (we are all guilty of it sometimes), but keep in mind that some things may be offensive/triggering to others.

We also ask that you try to come roughly on time!

If you have other questions, feel free to ask! And if you would like to lead a discussion on something, please let us know!

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