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Introduction to Electronics

Introduction to Electronics - free, donations welcome, DIY kits available for $15-35
Thursdays 4:30-6pm, Jan. 7th through Jan. 28th (4 classes)

Instructor: Craig Pruitt

Want to learn about amplifiers? Circuits? Transistors? Come collaboratively build a 1/2-watt audio amplifier! (With the option to purchase a kit of your own to take home and work on independently). This class will introduce each tool and component, cover safety guidelines, how to understand schematics, assembly, troubleshooting, provide examples potential future projects and application of this knowledge, and you'll get to make some noise!

Class breakdown:

Day 1: This workshop will consist of introducing the tools and components necessary in order to complete our initial project; a 1/2-watt audio amplifier.  This workshop will focus on concisely explaining each tool and component, safety guidelines, and provide examples of final projects, future projects, and independent projects that will vary from class to class.

Day 2: In this class, we will examine the full circuit for the amplifier and designate areas in which to begin building.  This class will focus on understanding and identifying symbols within the schematics.  Once a thorough understanding has been achieved, we will begin assembling the circuit on a breadboard starting with the integrated circuit, or β€œIC” for short.

Day 3: This class will be wholly devoted to assembling around the FET transistor which involves volume control and tone adjustment.

Day 4: With only a few components left to assemble, we will focus on troubleshooting. Upon completion of the circuit, the remainder class will be devoted making some noise out of our newly assembled amplifiers!

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