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We require everyone who participates in Marrow programming to enroll with us.

Enrollment is quick and easy:

  • Page 1 - Contact and emergency info.
  • Page 2 - Safe(r) Space Agreement.
  • Page 3 - Optional survey.

To enroll at Marrow you must be aged preteen through 24.

Your personal information will never be shared with anyone other than our director. If you have concerns or difficulty enrolling, contact our director at or come by during our drop-in hours.

We have two tiers of enrollment:



HOW: Once you've enrolled, simply pick what programming you want to attend off our calendar, and pay for it individually. Some programming is free, but sometimes there is a fee.

WHO: Great for young folks who are only interested in occasional programming, can't afford full seasonal enrollment, or who are just looking to try Marrow out.

COST: Prices for programming varies by workshop, depending on material costs and other factors. See our calendar for more information.


Pay a flat fee for a season of programming.

HOW: Pay a seasonal or yearly fee - then may attend as much programming as you'd like during that time (so you don't need to pay fees for individual workshops, classes, or events).

WHO: Great for young folks who plan to take advantage of Marrow programming regularly, and don't want to deal with the hassle of paying for each workshop, class, or event individually.

COST: 2018-2019 student enrollment is $75-200 per season (January-April, May-August, and September-December), or $200-500 yearly (January-December), sliding scale.


If you need additional financial assistance
or would like to be considered for a scholarship,
please reach out at

If you'd like to be more involved at Marrow, and get free access to programming, check out our membership program: