Marrow depends on donations from
our generous supporters!

Marrow is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
Your donations are tax-deductible!

Donations of ANY size help us sustain our organization and keep participation costs free/low for our teens.

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Monetary Donations:

Recurring Donation

You will be billed ONCE MONTHLY for a ONE YEAR cycle (12 donations). After one year, billing will stop and we will contact you with the option to renew your donation!

Recurring donations are processed through PayPal, a secure payment service.

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One Time Donation

In addition to online donations, we can also accept cash, and checks made out to "Marrow PDX". (This avoids card processing fees on our end).

Online one-time donations are processed through Stripe, a secure payment service.

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Where Your Dollars Go

Monetary donations go toward our operational costs, which are very difficult to get covered by a grant.
Operational costs include:

  • Fixed Expenses: rent, insurance, website and email services.
  • Flexible Expenses: utilities, building maintenance, programming supplies budget, development costs, outreach, promotion, food for our teens.

You can contact us via email with any donation-related questions:

In-Kind Donations:

In-kind donations are great if you'd like to purchase something specific for us rather than donating money. These are "nonessentials" that we can't afford to spend our regularly donated funding on, but that would enhance our programming or our teens' experience at Marrow.

Amazon Wishlist:

There are suggestions of things we would love on our Amazon Wishlist! If you buy something off this list it will get shipped right to us!

Big Ticket Items:

Feeling extra generous? Want a nice tax write off?
Here are some big things Marrow is hoping to get donated:

  • New Flooring: we currently have a pretty torn up rug floor, leftover from when our building was an office. We'd like something easier to clean, that looks nicer. Preferably laminate. Highest priority is in our two storefront spaces, but ideally the whole unit (1980 sf) will eventually be replaced. Roosevelt High School's construction teacher has offered to do the install with a group of his students and our other teens, so it would be a cool opportunity for them too! Estimated cost: $1000 - 6000 (depending on laminate type and rooms covered).
  • A Mural: we want to put a mural on the back of our building (or, if the owner doesn't approve, we've also been offered wall space inside the Wayfinding Academy). We need funding for paint! We'll have teens collaborate on the design, but have the mural itself professional executed, so we'd like to pay the artist too! Estimated cost: $1000.
  • A Sign: part of why we moved into our new space is for the visibility off of Lombard, but we don't currently have a sign! We'd like a big sign that hangs perpendicular to the building. It would be especially rad to hire a local sign painter to do the work. Estimated cost: $300 - 5oo.
  • Our Space Itself: Marrow can't afford to rent our whole unit. Want to pay the rent in one of our incubation spaces and empower some teens to use it for a rad project for a month? For shop or performance space for a year? We have two offices and two storefronts available. Rent one out for us! Cost range: $250 - 11,400 depending on unit and length of time. More details on our space page.