Marrow's youth collective is a small group of our most involved youth. They work hard to shape Marrow, their community, and their own lives - building the world they want to see. They are Marrow's primary leadership, both internally and externally.

You can find our current members, their bios and portfolios on our team page!


More About Collective Membership:


  • Our collective program is still in its early stages!

  • Each member takes on an apprenticeship-style leadership responsibility at Marrow.

  • Collective members' time and involvement at Marrow looks different for each member; based on their role here, as well as on what their own life, capabilities, and outside responsibilities look like.

  • Collective members each maintain a web portfolio on Marrow’s website (these are currently in progress!), detailing their footprint on Marrow’s community and space!


  • Marrow Members are driven. They may not have their sights set on a specific endpoint, but they’re ready to dive in and explore.

  • Maybe they’re so passionate that school isn’t pushing them enough, so they need another vessel for their energy; or conversely, maybe they are so uninspired by school that they need something more tangible and tailored to their interests to light their fire. Maybe they’re a home schooler looking for their community; or maybe they’ve recently graduated and are feeling lost, and want an opportunity to seize some leadership and have an impact. Anyone in Marrow’s usual age range (10-24) is welcome to apply.

  • Prospective Members are expected to have an investment in Marrow - have you come to classes or workshops? Organized an event? Volunteered? Have you contributed work to a Marrow exhibition or publication? If you've just found out about us that’s okay! But give thought to how you plan to become an integral part of Marrow's community.


  • These positions are currently unpaid (we are working to secure grant funding to pay everyone involved at Marrow, including our collective members, as it’s currently a fully volunteer-run organization) but in exchange for their time and investment, collective members are given personalized mentoring and advising. Some members are entrusted with the keys to our space.

  • We want our members to succeed in their area of focus, and will write job references and recommendation letters. We also actively seek out and connect our members with paid opportunities in their chosen field - both during and after their time in Marrow's collective.

  • Most importantly though, Marrow's members have the largest say in who we are and what we do. We expect them to have ownership over Marrow as an organization, and this requires investment in the way we run and operate.


  • Prospective Members go through an application and interview process - used to identify your willingness to contribute and grow alongside Marrow's team.

  • Applications are currently closed!

  • We’re taking a temporary break from accepting applications, so our current (first!) cohort can bond as a group, and identify what gaps they have, before seeking new members. If you’re interested in becoming a collective member in the future, we encourage you to hang around Marrow! Get involved! Get to know our collective members! Become a leader in our community!