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Marrow programming is for folks preteen through 24 only - unless marked otherwise.

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Our shop and gallery are open to the public (all ages!) any time Marrow is open for programming!

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Click on individual programming within the calendar for descriptions, as well as other important information such as registration and pricing (if applicable).

*Please note that “join us” events are not at our space.

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Are you interested in... Teaching a class? Leading a workshop? Facilitating a community project? Putting together a panel discussion? Screening a film? Putting together an event?

Whatever your rad idea, we want to hear it:

  • Want to book a show at Marrow?

Check out this blog post for info about booking!

Any questions about programming / our calendar / using our space can be directed to

  • Want to request programming?

Is there a skill you'd like to learn? A topic you'd like to discuss? A medium you'd like to explore? An event you think we should have? An issue you think is interesting or important and want to tackle? Let us know, and we'll find someone to lead it!

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