Youth Involvement at Marrow!

Today we had an info session on how young folks 10-24 can get involved at Marrow! Here’s the breakdown!

There are three primary ways for youth to be involved at Marrow:

  • General Enrollment & Participation

  • Facilitate Programming

  • Join our Youth Collective

General Enrollment & Participation:

  • Look at our calendar, see what sounds good to you, and come to things!

  • Enroll online! If you’re a youth who participates at Marrow we need you to enroll! (It helps us track attendance and gives us your emergency contact info!)

  • Extra credit: let us know what else you’d like to see in our calendar! Bring a new friend to an event! Try out things you maybe wouldn’t think you’d be into! Hang out during drop-in hours! Post about growth or things you’ve made at Marrow and tag us! Find your unique space within our community and occupy the heck out of it!

Facilitate Programming:

  • Lead or organize something!

  • Marrow programming can be:

    • one-time workshops

    • recurring classes

    • community projects

    • events (live music, cause-related events, lectures, etc)

    • gatherings (recurring or one-off; clubs, game nights, etc)

    • something completely different that we haven’t thought of yet!

  • Programming can be youth-specific (10-24), or open to all ages.

  • HOW: fill out the proposal form on our website! Feel free to chat with us first if you want! We can help you formulate programming around what YOU have to offer!

Join Our Youth Collective:

  • You can find all the info about our youth collective HERE!