Marrow Truck!

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Today we had our first committee meeting for the yet-to-be-named Marrow Truck project!!

The leadership for this project currently includes Davis, Chase, and Devin.


Daylynn recently bought a 1960's mail truck, and is passing it along to Marrow youth to use for a creative project! There's still a lot to plan and figure out, but the current direction is for it to be a snack and drinks truck, that also sells Marrow merch! Our stretch goal is to get it set up so it can be a "Class III Mobile Food Unit" which would enable us to make espresso, and prep food on-site too! The idea is to keep it parked in our lot behind the building when it's not in use, and to get a permit to vend from out in front of the building, on Lombard!

Where we're at:

This will be a youth-led project, but we'll definitely need adult allies willing to contribute time and expertise with things like permits, funding, and maintenance of the truck! We're currently in the planning phase - figuring out what types of licenses and permits we need, and what our overall budget needs to be for the project. We're then going to launch a Kickstarter to raise some funds, and possibly apply for some grants for stipends to pay the committee leadership.

What we need:

If you'd like to be more-involved, join our committee! This is where we do all the brainstorming and make all the determinations about the direction of this project. Our next meeting will be soon! Check our calendar, and instagram for updates! In the meantime we need folks (particularly adult allies) to help us out some things:

  • Someone who can look into the specific requirements for Class III mobile vending (vs. Class I), and the costs associated with Class III that are not associated with Class I (example: Class III requires a handwashing system, while Class I does not, so what would the cost be of putting in a handwishing system?)

  • Someone who can look into exactly what permits we will need to sell food from a mobile unit, on Lombard Street (at the intersection of Alma Ave).

  • Someone who's very car savvy and willing to come take a look at our truck, and help us identify any maintenance issues (current, or ones we may run into down the road) and their approximate costs.

  • Someone who's very food truck and/or tiny home savvy and willing to take a look at the interior and exterior setup of the truck, help us plan a layout and any essential upgrades (for example, the freezer that's in there now is not a good fit for what we're doing, and we want to put a small shelf outside the window) - and predict costs around those upgrades.

  • Someone who's food truck savvy and willing to just chat with us about anything we may not have thought of!

  • Someone who kicks butt at branding and/or fundraising and wants to help us set up and organize the Kickstarter!

  • Anyone with leads or connections to local businesses who sell prepackaged foods to other vendors.

  • Think of something we're missing? Let us know!!!!

If you can help out with any of these things, let us know!! Email is best
We'll move items that are being acted on into a separate list, at the bottom of this post!


If ya want to lend a hand with the above issues, some of them are covered in the following resources that the library passed on to us (or they can at least serve as a starting point)!

Mobile Food Unit Operation Guide (

Operating a Vending Cart (

Multnomah County Food Handlers Info

The Food Truck Handbook (physical book, at library)

Start Your Own Food Truck Business (physical book, at library)

Tasks that are currently being addressed: