Sponsor Spotlight: Finger Bang

We're starting a spotlight series on the rad local businesses who support us, and on International Women's Day it seemed appropriate to start with Finger Bang (which is run by some badass women full of heart).

For anyone who isn't yet familiar with Portland's #1 spot for nail art, it may seem surprising that one of our biggest sponsors is a nail salon (let alone a nail salon with a risqué pun for a name) - but really it makes a lot of sense.

Glynis Olson opened Finger Bang in 2015, out of a need that she identified for a different kind of salon experience - one where clients could be free, open, loud, and just themselves. In Gylnis' words, "I'm just a chick that wanted a different kind of nail experience. I couldn't find what I was looking for so I built it."

Let's read that once more... "I couldn't find what I was looking for so I built it"

What could be more aligned with Marrow's mission than THAT?!

When I made my first appointment at Finger Bang - right when they opened, I didn't anticipate going back. While I've always been a fan of fierce claws, I consider myself relatively DIY and I've always done my own nails (I'd had one manicure before, and it was in 9th grade for a semi-formal dance and my aunt paid for it). I made my appointment at Finger Bang because I loved what I'd seen on instagram of Asa's work (@asabree), and I was curious about the new business, so I figured it would be a fun way to treat myself after a sort of rough summer. I've been back every. month. since. And it's not just because of the artistic talent housed in their space, it's because of what they've built.

Glynis has truly created a unique microcosm within Portland. Before even coming inside you're confronted with their no-nonsense approach to supporting oppressed communities - their front door lists their hours, as you would expect, directly followed by,
"IF YOU ARE Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Or An A**hole Don't Come In!"
After the recent election, Ryenne, who manages the shop (and who we stole the door pic from), said, "A lot of people walking by us take pictures of our sign because they think we're just being funny or shocking- we're not. It's not funny or shocking to want anyone who is not cishet and white to have basic human rights and equalities. Finger Bang loves you and wants you to know we will never stop fighting small minded bullshit and we will never stop contributing our time and money towards worthy causes."

Also admirable is Glynis' pride in and support for Finger Bang's artists, as well as her extended community. On more than one occasion I've seen Glynis look one of the artists in the eye and say, "I appreciate you". She's commissioned a local artist (Allison Bartline) to create silver Finger Bang necklaces and cuffs for them. The salon doubles as a gallery, where she showcases the work of local artists and makers (including another of our sponsors, Cemetery Gates). When Marrow moved into our new space, she went out and bought us all the essentials - toilet paper, soap, dish towels - you name it, even though it was snowy and she had a surgery coming up - because she wanted to make sure we had what we needed. The woman doesn't mess around.

She's offered to come speak to our teens about who she is and the journey she took to get to where she is now - so expect to see more of her around Marrow.

If you're looking to get some artwork on your hands, and if your idea of the ideal relaxation environment isn't necessarily "tranquil" - get yourself to Finger Bang. They support us, and we love who they are and what they do.

Also did we mention that Asa donated this AMAZING leather jacket that she spent hours and hours working on, to benefit our recent Reopening Celebration? Because that also happened. She's featured on Nike's home page right now, too. Just saying. Go take a peep.