Powered by Stickers!

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February 2018 at Marrow will LITERALLY be powered by stickers.

You may have seen Rx Skulls' stickers up around Portland (or all over Oregon - and beyond, tbh - he's pretty prolific), or you may have seen the install he collaborated with our bud Nathan (from Cemetery Gates) on, in Marrow's smaller restroom.

Rx (who, like most street artists, typically protects his identity) is a local independent screen printer and artist. We at Marrow admire him for his incredible work ethic (check out his instagram stories, is he ever not working on something!?), the fact that he does so much of his work by hand (he carves his designs as actual linocuts before turning them into stickers), and his playful approach to life.

He largely prints his own work, but also makes stickers for other artists, particularly through his "gang runs" - where any artist can send in their design and Rx prints them all in a pre-set color way, in a big batch.

Once a year Rx does a charity gang run, and donates the profits (which are also matched by a local charity) to a rad organization. This year he chose Marrow!

This was one of the biggest gang runs Rx has done - printing 1000 sheets of vinyl to make 19,200 stickers. With the matched donation, Rx was able to give Marrow $3,000 - which is roughly the full expense to keep Marrow open and running for one month, which is SO rad!!!

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Having our operational expenses covered is what allows us to provide access to any teen who walks in our door. $3,000 a month is nothing to sneeze at, particularly for a small, volunteer-run, grassroots nonprofit. So, the artists who participated in this gang run are truly powering a month of rad workshops, an open mic, all ages music events, visiting hours for our gallery and shop where we sell teens' work, and drop-in hours where any young person can have a snack, use our art supplies, read, talk to a supportive adult, or just hang out. Dang, y'all. Dang.

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We want to extend the hugest of thanks to Rx, his printing apprentice Lame, and the whole sticker-cutting crew of local street artists, and every artist who got stickers made!

We also talked about some exciting potential additions to our walls in 2018, as well as some ways to get our young folks involved in the local street art scene. So stay tuned for that.

Here's hoping 2018 brings more creative fundraising and collaboration opportunities like this our way!!!

You can see more of Rx here:
web store
and, of course, on your nearest signpost.

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