No-Thanksgiving / ThanksTaking

"Thanksgiving" is not our country's best holiday. It actively negates the narratives, experiences, and histories of living Indigenous people, and in fact (since 1970) the day has been recognized as the National Day of Mourning by indigenous peoples in MA, and (since 1975) as Unthanksgiving Day by indigenous peoples in CA. Others refer to it as "ThanksKilling" or "ThanksTaking".

On top of its problematic and harmful colonialist roots, Thanksgiving can be a tough holiday for folks who find themselves away from friends and family, and for folks who have a difficult relationship with food or a history of disordered eating.

To work to push against all of this - particularly for Marrow's Indigenous community members - we hosted a very low-key community potluck. We were honored to have our neighbor, Christopher Francisco, a Native Diné (often known as Navajo) artist and activist share his 30+ black and white film photographs and stories from Standing Rock. We ate everything from posole (traditional Mexican stew) to the traditional turkey and pie. New friends were made, intimate stories about ancestries were shared, and folks played games and hung around past our originally planned end time. It was definitely a special night!