Marrow Tarot: Call to Artists


Marrow is having a tarot card themed exhibition! Many of the youth in our community resonate with aspects of the tarot - whether that’s for its ability to bring forth answers, or out of an interest in symbolism and history. We want to create a visual tarot that puts YOUR narrative on display. Each card from the 78 card deck (22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana) will only be assigned to a single artist, with the intent being to create a full deck exhibition, and eventually to print an actual tarot deck.

  • Pieces MUST match the proportion of 3x5" (so for example, your piece could be 3x5", or 4.5"x7.5", or 6x10", or 7.5x12.5", or 9x15", etc). We just ask that you not make your piece smaller than 3x5" or larger than 9x15".
  • Your piece may be any medium (illustration, drawing, printmaking, photography, mixed media, etc). If you'd like to make a 3D/sculptural piece that's fine, as long is it can be easily photographed and remains within the required dimensions.
  • We ask that you include a written description for your card (details below).
  • This exhibition is open to any artist, but folks who are not local are responsible for covering their own shipping costs (contact us for shipping address, as Marrow's mailbox isn't secure). Local artists can drop-off or arrange for pick-up.
  • We ask artists 24 and over to donate 50-100% of their sale proceeds. Artists under 24 may choose do donate 0-100% of their sale proceeds. Money raised through art sales will go toward Marrow’s operational costs. Having our operational costs covered is what allows us to keep our programming free/low cost for all young folks.


DEADLINE: all work must be AT MARROW by DEC. 1ST



Phonkadelic (The Fool)
Coleman Stevenson (The Magician)
Kylin C. (The High Priestess)
Sabrina Wolfchild (The Empress)
Bylli Hayward (The Emperor)
Aaron Caffee (The Hierophant)
Julia Wohlstetter (The Lovers)
Claire Burgess (The Chariot)
Eleanor H. (Strength)
Stephanie Adams-Santos (The Hermit)
Marena Skinner (Wheel of Fortune)
Vicente Elisheva (Justice)
Prudence Haze (The Hanged Man)
Briauna Taylor (Death)
Theo Day Lewis (Temperance)
Shanley Narens (The Devil)
Ayita Malila C. Nadir (The Tower)
Eva Bertoglio (The Star)
Davis MacDonald (The Moon)
Anne Avera (The Sun)
Tanner Johnson (Judgement)
Cassia Sage (The World)

Kira Ekstedt (King of Hands)
Alice Rogers (Queen of Hands)
Daylynn Lambi (Knight of Hands)
Alley Pezanoski-Browne (Page of Hands)
Holly Hogan (Ten of Hands)
B. Holgate (Nine of Hands)
Raylan Merrill (Eight of Hands)
Hoodfluence (Seven of Hands)
Skye Henterly (Six of Hands)
Eva Bryant (Five of Hands)
Kelly Chudler (Four of Hands)
Elliott Ocean (Three of Hands)
Cygnus Astrella (Two of Hands)
Holigoil (Ace of Hands)

Sal Loughney (King of Sage)
Finley Jordan (Queen of Sage)
Scout Zabel (Knight of Sage)
Megan Climaldi (Page of Sage)
R.A. (Ten of Sage)
Maizy Zeringue (Nine of Sage)
Rubina Martini (Eight of Sage)
Annaleise Girone (Seven of Sage)
Carina Borealis (Six of Sage)
Genevieve L Reid (Five of Sage)
Riley Sequoia (Four of Sage)
Kaiden Ángel Diaz (Three of Sage)
Crystal Thomas (Two of Sage)
Jillian Barthold (Ace of Sage)

Kes Graham (King of Moths)
Kayden Cantrell (Queen of Moths)
Mr. Riddle (Knight of Moths)
Indigo Wren (Page of Moths)
Sara Karl (Ten of Moths)
Tommy Poirier-Morissette (Nine of Moths)
Raven Skye (Eight of Moths)
Mimi Loughney (Seven of Moths)
Kristine Kukich (Six of Moths)
Ash Marnich (Five of Moths)
C.R. Dimalla (Four of Moths)
orphie difellow (Three of Moths)
Jesse Narens (Two of Moths)
Lyric Serine (Ace of Moths)

Lupa (King of Bones)
Layla Sullivan (Queen of Bones)
Ayastigi Taintor (Knight of Bones)
Stella Roshi-Moles (Page of Bones)
Eden Valentine (Ten of Bones)
Annalise Olson (Nine of Bones)
Buff Medb Neretin (Eight of Bones)
Anna Vo (Seven of Bones)
James Duckworth (Six of Bones)
Helen Tuttle (Five of Bones)
Alyssa Andrews (Four of Bones)
Bobby Ali Zaman (Three of Bones)
Shae Uisna (Two of Bones)
Alejandra López Camarillo (Ace of Bones)


Tarot decks often come with a guide book that explains the meaning of each card, so that when people use them for spreads they can interpret the meanings. We'd like each artist in this show to put together a brief description for your card, which will be printed and presented alongside your piece.

Card descriptions can range from a list of words or meanings that card conjures, to a more in-depth description of what the symbols mean, and what the card might signify in different contexts. You can find plenty of examples of this online, but if you need a hand, Marrow's staff includes a few folks who are well versed in both the tarot and in writing, and would be happy to give you some direction or a hand! Just let us know. Your description can be as long or short as you like, and can be structured however makes the most sense for you and your interpretation of your card.

Some Extra Thoughts to Keep in Mind:


We changed the suits to move away from the traditional depictions of these cards, and to bring some connection to Marrow and our community. Pentacles (the earth sign) are a suit rooted in stability, sustainability, and the tangible. We switched them to bones because Marrow's name itself is rooted in the idea that community grounding starts within the bones, in your Marrow. Wands (the fire sign) are a suit symbolizing creativity, passion, and the inner drive that pushes you toward your goals. We chose to replace them with moths, because we are drawn like moths to flame to the issues and ideals that are important to us. Cups (the water sign) represent emotion and our connections with others. We replaced cups with hands - to represent the care we must take and the work that we do - both for ourselves and for others. Swords (the air sign) are associated with struggle, challenge, and change. We replaced swords with sage, which grows best in "gritty" soil, and has been used for centuries across various cultures for medicinal and spiritual purposes.

We look forward to seeing what you all bring to this exhibition. If you have any questions, please reach out via email at