Marrow Tarot: The Originals

Here are the 78 original artworks that comprise the (future) Marrow Tarot deck!

Pieces that are still available for sale have their prices listed. If you aren't local, shipping is an option for an additional cost (varies by piece and location, contact us for a quote). To purchase, send an email with the piece(s) you're interested in, to and we will send you an invoice that can be paid online via credit card. You can also come view the exhibition and pay with cash or card in-person.

The exhibition will be up for the remainder of December, and the month of January (on view any time our space is open, as well as by-appointment). Purchased artworks may be picked up at the gallery any time - though we encourage folks to leave your purchased pieces in the gallery for the duration of the show, so they can be enjoyed by other visitors! Artworks that are to be shipped will be sent out the week of February 5th.

We're working on assembling a Kickstarter campaign, which will be used to produced the deck itself. We'll keep y'all updated when that goes Live!

The Major Arcana

The Fool by Phonkadelic ($45)
The Magician by Coleman Stevenson (sold)
The High Priestess by Kylin C. ($45)
The Empress by Sabrina Wolfchild ($300)
The Emperor by Bylli Hayward (sold)
The Hierophant by Aaron Caffee ($35)
The Lovers by Julia Wohlstetter ($45)
The Chariot by Claire Burgess ($100)
Strength by Eleanor H. ($45)
The Ermitañx (Hermit) by Stephanie Adams-Santos (sold)
Wheel of Fortune by Marena Skinner (sold)

Justice by Vicente Elisheva ($65)
The Hanged Man by Prudence Haze ($69)
Death by Briauna Taylor ($100)
Temperance by Theo Day Lewis ($60)
The Devil by Shanley Narens ($50)
The Tower by Ayita Malila C. Nadir ($120)
The Star by Eva Bertoglio ($45)
The Moon by Davis MacDonald ($45)
The Sun by Anne Avera (sold)
Judgement by Tanner Johnson (sold)
The World by Cassia Sage ($120)

The Suit of Bones (traditionally pentacles)

Ace of Bones by Alejanda López Camarillo (sold)
Two of Bones by Shae Uisna ($85)
Three of Bones by Bobby Ali Zaman ($50)
Four of Bones by Alyssa Bilyeu (sold)
Five of Bones by Helen Tuttle ($45)
Six of Bones by James Duckworth ($45)
Seven of Bones by Anna Vo ($45)

Eight of Bones by Buff Medb Neretin ($25)
Nine of Bones by Annalise Olson (sold)
Ten of Bones by Eden Valentine ($35)
Page of Bones by Stella Roshi-Moles ($75)
Knight of Bones by Ayastigi Taintor ($80)
Queen of Bones by Layla Sullivan ($85)
King of Bones by Lupa (sold)

The Suit of Hands (traditionally cups)

Ace of Hands by Holigoil (sold)
Two of hands by Cygnus Astrella ($45)
Three of Hands by Elliot Ocean ($60)
Four of Hands by Kelly Chudler ($60)
Five of Hands by Eva Bryant ($100)
Six of Hands by Skye Henterly (sold)
Seven of Hands by Hoodfluence ($100)

Eight of Hands by Raylan Merrill (sold)
Nine of Hands by B. Holgate ($60)
Ten of Hands by Holly Hogan ($165)
Page of Hands by Alley Pezanoski-Browne (sold)
Knight of Hands by Daylynn Lambi (sold)
Queen of Hands by Alice Rogers (sold)
King of Hands by Kira Ekstedt ($85)

Suit of Moths

Ace of Moths by Lyric Serine (sold)
Two of Moths by Jesse Narens (sold)
Three of Moths by orphie difellow ($45)
Four of Moths by C.R. Dimalla (sold)
Five of Moths by Ash Marnich (sold)
Six of Moths by Kristine Kukich ($45)
Seven of Moths by Mimi Loughney ($35)

Eight of Moths by Raven Skye ($133)
Nine of Moths by Tommy Poiriere-Morissette ($175)
Ten of Moths by Sara Karl ($70)
Page of Moths by Indigo Wren ($120)
Knight of Moths by Mr Riddle ($45)
Queen of Moths by Kayden Cantrell ($45)
King of Moths by Kes Graham ($50)

Suit of Sage (traditionally swords)

Ace of Sage by Jillian Barthold ($75)
Two of Sage by Crystal Thomas ($45)
Three of Sage by Kaiden Ángel Diaz ($45)
Four of Sage by Riley Sequoia ($40)
Five of Sage by Cimmerian ($125)
Six of Sage by Carina Borealis ($175)
Seven of Sage by Annaleise Girone ($100)

Eight of Sage by Rubina Martini ($45)
Nine of Sage by Maizy Zeringue (sold)
Ten of Sage by R.A. ($45)
Page of Sage by Megan Climaldi ($120)
Knight of Sage by Scout Zabel (sold)
Queen of Sage by Finley Jordan ($120)
King of Sage by Sal Loughney ($45)