In-Kind Donation Needs!

Marrow's primary need is money for our operational costs (rent, utilities, insurance) - but if you'd like to pitch in other ways, or grab something for us every once in a while when you're out, here are some things we regularly need:

Italicized = higher or more frequent need
We also have an Amazon Wish List!

Gift Cards:

  • Fred Meyer, New Seasons, Whole Foods (to keep snacks stocked for the kids)

  • Ace Hardware, Home Depot, Target (for when we have repairs, and basic needs like light bulbs)

  • Artist and Craftsman Supply, Dick Blick (for specific requests and workshop supplies)

  • Local restaurants, shops, services (as incentives for youth)


  • unscented hand soap

  • toilet paper

  • tampons, pads, panty liners


  • condoms (latex and latex-free)

  • individual use packets of lube

  • new/like new, clean makeup (concealer in range of tones)

  • pepper spray (to give out to youth who feel unsafe getting here/around)

Kitchen area:

  • unscented dish soap

  • natural, unscented cleaning supplies

  • new sponges

  • paper towel rolls

  • kitchen-sized garbage bags

  • non-perishable snacks (no prep, or can be prepped with a microwave or hot plate) *no nuts

  • gluten free and dairy free snacks *no nuts

  • tea bags

  • bottled water (individual or 2.5 gallon with spout)

  • individual drinks like Capri Sun, soda cans, juice boxes


  • games for Gamecube, Wii, PS3, XBox360 (aimed at teens/young adults)

  • controllers for above systems

  • zines


  • art supplies (needs change and vary, inquire for specifics)

  • point and shoot digital cameras

  • plain computer paper

  • colored paper, fancy paper, etc

  • spiral notebooks, journals, composition notebooks

  • pens and pencils

  • sharpies

  • new/in good condition paint brushes

  • acrylic, watercolor, and gouache paint

  • paint pens

  • shrinky-dink paper

  • masking tape, clear scotch tape, painter’s tape, and duct tape

  • ink for canon pixma mp970, ink for Epson WF-3540

  • sketch books

  • new, blank t-shirts (size s-2xl), blank tote bags

Things we don't need, and can't currently accept:

  • books (unless they specifically address the interests of our community, or are by local writers)

  • large quantities of art supplies (inquire for specific needs - we just have a LOT and minimal storage!)