Incubation Space!

Did you know that Marrow has space inside our space that we use to partner with other rad folks?!

Our Incubation Space initiative has the mission of building a community that is committed to nurturing creative thinking, collaboration, equity, and mutual aid.

Currently, one of the two rooms is occupied by the School of Urban Liberation.

Our larger room just opened up! Are YOU our next partner?!

You can repaint if you want!

You can repaint if you want!

From the outside.

From the outside.

Lights off on a cloudy day! Those windows!

Lights off on a cloudy day! Those windows!

Next door to S.O.U.L. - right off our main workshop/event space!

Next door to S.O.U.L. - right off our main workshop/event space!

What you get:

  • 24hr access to a 9.5x9.5' private room, with lots of daylight, situated within Marrow's unit at 7025 N. Lombard Street in St Johns.

  • Shared access to our two restrooms and kitchenette.

  • Shared access to Marrow's main event/workshop space (when we aren't running programming).

  • Access to Marrow's wifi.

  • A partnership with Marrow! Let's support one another and collaborate on cool projects.

What we get:

In return for use of the space, Marrow is seeking whatever appropriate combination that you can provide of the following:

  • Rent (a set monthly $ amount).

  • Leading programming for our youth (set monthly # of hours).

  • Volunteering time in other ways (set monthly # of hours).

  • Connections you'd be able to help us make (to other organizations, to donors, to volunteers, etc).

  • The ability to bring more youth into our community.

  • Access to materials, equipment, skills, etc.

  • Anything else you'd bring to the table!

The individual(s) who are chosen for the incubation space will sign into an agreement that specifically outlines these contributions, based on partnership that both parties believe is fair.


  • All individuals involved with the proposed project must be willing to undergo a background check (a necessary protection for our youth. It doesn't need to be spotless but some offenses will prevent you from being able to work with us).

  • At least one member of your project must be 18+, and only individuals who are 18+ may have key access or be in the space alone.

Priority goes to:

  • Creative individuals who are willing to commit significant time to Marrow youth, and/or growing our community.

  • Organizations with missions that align with our own.

  • Groups or individuals that represent historically marginalized communities.

  • Nontraditional projects that may not find a home otherwise, and would be an example for our youth of cool, outside of the box thinking.

Seem like a good fit?

Get in touch if you have any questions, or if you want to view the space in-person.

Decisions will be made jointly by Marrow's staff, our Youth Board, and our Board of Directors - based on who is the best fit for our community!

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