Booking a Show!

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Please note that our booking process has been structured to center the reality that Marrow is a volunteer-run, nonprofit, youth space with a focus on providing opportunities for young folks in creativity, education, activism, community, and leadership.


We pride ourselves on being a cozy, intimate venue somewhere in between cafe / bar / house show, but with toilets that flush properly and no creepy drunk guy hitting on everyone. We have chairs, couches, floorspace for sitting or standing and comfortably fit ~40 people. When possible our youth or staff document (photo and video) shows at no charge. We always have a minimum of one staff member (usually 2+) present to handle any issues that may arise.


  • Marrow shows are either all ages, or youth only (10-24).

  • Marrow shows must be open to the public (if you'd like to book our space for a private event, please email us for that separate information).

  • Marrow does not censor acts for language or content, but we don't book shows with hateful content, or content that is in direct conflict with our mission or policies.


  • Entry fees: must be sliding scale (example "$5-15", and folks pay what they can in that range).

  • Adult attendees (age 25+) must contribute within that range. No youth attendees (under 25) will be turned away from events at our space for lack of funds.


  • Adult (age 25+) acts: will be given 25% of door profits (with 75% going to Marrow) -OR- may pay Marrow $100 upfront and take 100% of door profits -OR- may offer a free-for-youth workshop before your show, and take 100% of the show’s door profits. Adult acts are encouraged to sell their merch/music to make up for their smaller % of door proceeds.

  • Youth (under 25) acts: will be given 100% of door profits.

  • If there are both youth and adult acts, door proceeds will be split proportionally as per above.

  • Exceptions: we may make some exceptions to the above entry/fee guidelines, for example if adults approach Marrow with the intention of having a fundraising show for a cause that aligns with Marrow's mission, or if adult acts are contributing to Marrow's youth community in another way, or if youth organizers would like to structure their show a different way.


These times are out of respect for and in agreement with our neighbors and other tenants in the building. These times include any sound checking you may need to do. Amplified sound is not permitted outside of these times:

  • Sound Start:
    Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs: 8:30pm.
    Friday & Sunday: 6:30pm.
    Saturday: any time after 11am.

  • Sound End:
    Sun/Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs: music must be turned down to where it can not be heard outside our building by 10pm.
    Friday & Saturday: amplified music must be turned down to a level where it can not be heard outside our building by 11pm.

  • Sound Entirely Off / Space Cleaned Up and Empty:
    Sun/Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs: 11pm.
    Friday & Saturday: Midnight.

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  1. Talk to all of your proposed acts and decide on a date (have a backup option just in case). You can see if we have something scheduled already by looking at our calendar.
    If you want to organize a show but need help adding acts to your lineup, send us an email! Depending on the genre and timeline, we can sometimes help.

  2. Once you have your lineup and potential date(s) designate one individual as the "organizer", and have that person email us at Include the proposed date, lineup, and any relevant links (like bandcamp) or press kits.

  3. If your date and lineup are approved, we'll send you our booking agreement, which includes everything from what time you'll arrive for setup to a rundown of Marrow's policies and your responsibilities as an organizer.

  4. The organizer will receive a copy of the agreement, which we ask that they share with all involved acts.

If you have any questions, let us know!!