Adult Involvement at Marrow!

Today we had an info session on how adults 25+ can get involved at Marrow!

There are lots of ways adults can be supportive to the youth in our community! Here are the main ways, broken down from lowest to highest commitment:

  • General Volunteers & Supporters

  • Programming Facilitators

  • Marrow Advocates

  • Committee Members

  • Collective Mentors

  • Board Members

General Volunteers & Supporters:

  • Come to our volunteer days!

  • Have access to a printer? Do you spend time in coffee shops, or other spaces where folks gather? Want to put up some flyers? Let us know! Help us advertise programming!

  • Network! Share our social media posts! Tell folks (youth and adults!) about Marrow!

  • Snag something off our “in-kind” donation list when you’re at the grocery store!

  • Come to our youth-led and youth-centered events!!!!! This is consistently their biggest ask.

Programming Facilitators:

  • Lead or organize programming at Marrow! Learn more HERE!

Marrow Advocates:

  • A new support incentive group!

  • 1 year commitment, with invitation to renew annually.

  • Names will be listed on our website (or remain anonymous if you prefer).

  • Commit to a $120* donation (one time or $10 recurring monthly). *Can be your individual funds, or fundraised!

  • Commit to attending 6+ events at Marrow a year (live music, art openings, volunteer days, open mics, etc).

  • Commit to writing (or video recording) a brief response to this two part question: who are you, and why does Marrow resonate with you? 

  • Commit to talking up Marrow!!! Post about us on social media! Part of the definition of “advocate” is that your support is public!

  • Goal is to create a community of adults who are invested in Marrow’s community and growth.

  • Sound good? Get started on our donation page!

Committee Members:

Committees meet on an as-needed basis (varies by committee).

  • Committee members should have experience in their selected committee.

  • Committees we need include:

    • Fundraising (excluding grants; primarily events, donor identification and retention, corporate sponsorships, etc)

    • Grants (identifying and writing)

    • Garden (working with our lead gardener to make plans, collect materials to build the beds, building, getting plants, planting, creating a watering schedule, then using plants)

    • Outreach (seeking out and contacting on Marrow’s behalf organizations, corporations, individuals, potential partners)

  • Want to join a committee? Email us at or check out our calendar to see if any committee meetings are scheduled, and feel free to come by!

Collective Mentors:

  • Positions created and filled in an as-needed basis.

  • Matched with our youth collective members, who occupy specific roles within Marrow’s leadership and operations.

  • Meet at minimum 1x monthly with your mentee.

  • Have genuine investment in your mentee’s growth, and the growth of their position at Marrow.

  • Potential to connect your mentee with paid opportunities in your shared field.

  • Undergo a background check (not all potential offenses will prevent you from mentorship, but some may).

  • We put out calls on social media when we need mentors, so just keep an eye out!

Board of Directors Members:

  • We’re currently re-structuring our board of directors! If you’re interested in knowing more or applying, please check out that separate blog post!