Call for Artists!

We’re having a ONE NIGHT ONLY benefit* art show on Friday, March 29th!

All of the artwork in the show will have a set price of $20 - whether it’s by someone famous or an emerging youth artist - and will be available to buy immediately, right off the wall!!

There is no set theme, work just must fit the following requirements:

  • Must be 8x8” square in size/shape.

  • Must be original artwork - prints of digital work and photography are allowed, as well as printed matter than has been handled or altered in an original way, but we will not be accepting print reproductions of drawings/paintings/other original works for this show.

  • Must be primarily 2D (it may have 3D elements, as long as it meets the size/shape constraints), and may be any medium/materials.

  • May be framed or unframed, and you are not required to include hardware for hanging. If it is framed, the outer edges of the frame must measure 8x8”.

  • Work can be of any value - we encourage it to be valued above $20 - but all work will be sold for $20 - as a special and fun way to make the show non-hierarchical, and the work accessible for smaller budgets!

  • Multiple submissions permitted!

  • Artists don’t need to be local to Portland!

Art here by    @moonauror7    !

Art here by @moonauror7 !

work must be at Marrow by March 22nd!

Earlier is even better! We’re hanging as we receive stuff, so folks get a preview! If you’re local and unable to get to Marrow, we can also arrange a pickup!

There’s no submission form, just bring (or ship) your work to the space! If you submit work, please be sure to include a separate paper (or put on the back) YOUR NAME, YOUR INSTAGRAM @ (if ya want), and WHAT CITY YOU WORK OUT OF. If you need to ship your work, please contact us for a shipping address, as our mailbox fits letters only, so art should not be shipped to our space. Thanks!

We’re hoping to get a LOT of work - and hopefully from some well-known artists, too, so feel free to share with your artistic networks!!!

- - -

If you have any questions, please reach out via email, at

*All works in this exhibition will be donations to Marrow, and will be sold to benefit our 2019 budget for rent and other operational expenses. Having this covered is what allow us to keep our doors open to any youth who wants to be here! Any art that isn’t sold the night of the show will either go into our shop, or be used for future fundraising opportunities.

Please also note that art donations are tax-deductible ONLY for the cost of the materials to create them, unfortunately not for your time or the value of the art itself (thanks President Nixon).