Are You a Queer Black Youth??

Young Black LGBTQ+ folks in Portland, OR!!! Join Freedom To Thrive starting June 21st-August 11th as we dedicate our summer to prison abolition and queer liberation with Umoja Kijana Shujaa. This program is for youth ages 14-26 and participants receive a $15/hr stipend as well as transportation support. We meet once a week for 8hrs on Fridays. DEADLINE TO APPLY JUNE 11TH! Apply @

This training program builds on the work of Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson started 50 years ago at the Stonewall Rebellion. We will organize, campaign and create together for a more just world.

You can check out more about Umoja and Freedom To Thrive at Umoja exists as a space to further Black liberation and challenge the assumptions about Black life.

Finn Budd