Hey y’all! Daylynn here.

We’re going to start activating this blog as a space for sharing Marrow's narrative!

I’ll be curating (for now), but I won’t by any means be writing all the posts - so if anyone would like to contribute your voice, I encourage you to! Just send along an email to

If the author isn't clear from a post itself (ie: if they don't make an introduction of some sort), I'll include their name as well as any bio/info they deem relevant at the end.

Our post categories currently include:

  • "Marrative" (Marrow's Narrative) - stories and documentation of what goes on in our space.
  • "Our Community" - interviews, stories, and mini-biographies (both in the form of text and video) of teens, parents, volunteers, facilitators, and donors in Marrow's community.
  • "Thoughts" - opinion or informative writing around any issues related to Marrow - whether that’s through the lens of community, youth, education, social justice, or just existing in today’s society.
  • "Check It" - posts about upcoming events and other programming
  • "Marrow" - content relating to our organization that needs expanding on but doesn't necessarily need its own page on our website (like this post which delves a little deeper into our mission statement).

Please feel free to comment, share links or resources, suggest topics, or share the blog/individual posts with other folks.